Community Garden

Community Garden

The  Holmdel Community Garden (established in 2015) is located between the Community Center and Post Office. 
The garden consists of forty-eight (48) single 4 feet by 8.5 feet plots. 
 Plots can purchased as a single plot ($20) or double (4 feet X 17 feet - $40). 

Plots are on sale in mid to late February.  Returning gardeners will have the chance to purchase their same plot as the previous year.  If space is still available, plots will be open for purchase on a first, first served basis.
 If you have questions, please contact the Recreation Office or the email below.

Email contact: Email Holmdel Community Garden or Email the Recreation Department

The Holmdel Community Garden was established to:

* Bring the community together for wholesome recreation.

* Promote exercise and enjoy sunshine.

* Produce fresh local, vegetables.

* Provide fruit and flowers for our families or contribute to a local food pantry.

* Contribute to education about gardening and sustainability.

PLOTS: Plots will be assigned to Holmdel residents each winter in the order which requests have been received. There will be a fee of $20 for single plot (4 feet by 8.5 feet) or $40 for a double plot (4 feet by 17 feet). The season goes from May 1st to November 1st. The garden hours are dawn to dusk. Plots should be planted with a crop by June 1st. If the plot must be abandoned, please notify the Garden Committee or the Recreation Office, and the plot will be assigned to the next person on the waiting list.

VOLUNTEERING: We ask the each gardener volunteer for 4 hours each year to maintain the garden as a whole by spreading wood chips on paths in the spring, weeding common areas in the the summer or doing garden cleanup in the fall.

PARKING: Parking is in the back of the Community Center. Please leave spaces in the front of the garden for Community Center and Post Office users.

WEEDS: Please keep your plot and the paths near it weeded. Place weeds and other garden trimmings in the compost pile in the back of the garden (no plastic bags). Diseased plants, weeds gone to seed, sticks and and other trash go in the dumpster next to the parking lot. (Take plastic and glass bottles home to recycle. Plastic pots can be recycled in the back of Dearborn Farms.) Owners of unkempt plots will receive a two-week warning after which your plot will be considered abandoned and will be forfeited. If you are going to be away for some time, consider asking a neighboring gardener to water and week for you.

NO POISON POLICY: No chemical herbicides or pesticides may be used. Approved fertilizers and pest and weed controls will be posted at our information board.

SHADE: In order to not shade a neighboring garden plot, growing structures over 4’ high, corn, sunflowers, invasive plants are not allowed in the garden.

WATER: Turn off the water and wind up the hose (at the Community Center side of the garden) if you are the last user.

TOOLS: Tools are available in the shed but you are welcome to bring your own as well. Please don’t use other people’s tools without permission. Small children must be supervised by adults. No dogs inside the garden, No smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed. Failure to comply comply with any of these rules may result in forfeiture of the plot, without refund.

LIABILITY: All Holmdel Community Garden users and their guests agree to hold harmless the Garden Group and Holmdel Township for any liability, person injury, damage, loss or claim that may result from using the garden.

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